Getting Started

It is vitally important to see if I am a good fit for your needs. I encourage you to reach out.


Below are a few potential payment options which we can discuss in more detail if needed.

I accept Credit, Debit and Flex Spending Cards/Health Savings Cards

How do Out of Network Benefits work?

When you utilize your Out of Network benefits with me means you pay my fee for counseling services and your insurance provider reimburses you. Contact your health insurance directly to ask if you have Out of Network benefits, the deductible and the percentage they will reimburse of my fee.

Private Pay

Many of my clients prefer to pay directly for my services. This provides them with increased privacy as information does not have to be shared with your health insurance. Additionally you are afforded more flexibility in treatment options which health insurance can limit.

Advantages of Private Pay and Out of Network

Investing in your emotional well being and relationships has a multitude of benefits that are two fold; your work keeps giving back.

  1. If you have good out of network benefits health insurance can cover up to 80% of psychotherapy fees. Meaning it can actually be more affordable then some in network plans
  2. Out of Network and Private Pay have less restrictions, allowing for more frequent and longer sessions.
  3. Focus is on you and your therapeutic needs not what insurance companies dictate or prefer. You have increased privacy as information is not reported to insurance companies.
  4. Private Pay/Out of Network therapists tend to have more availability and flexibility than in network therapists.